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Introduction To Our Training

Conflicts are inevitable in all interdependent relationships. The differences that make us unique individuals are also potential causes of conflicts. Even the teeth and the tongue, in their age-long symbiotic relationship, conflict sometimes. Conflict management competency then becomes requisite for ALL who have need to interact with others. Some take their disputes to court, but litigation is very formal, technical and inflexible and is best suited for criminal, constitutional and other “Rights Based” issues. For interpersonal and commercial conflicts, the process adversely affects personal and business relationships, leaving the parties exhausted, embittered and often impoverished.

Alternatives that will supplement litigation must therefore be sought as a matter of urgency for civil and commercial cases. Even in some criminal cases, the concepts of ‘Victim-Offender’, ‘Plea-bargaining’ and ‘Restorative Justice’ are increasingly gaining grounds. Further, modern contracts now contain Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Clauses – making it pertinent for ALL dispute resolution stakeholders to acquire relevant and requisite skills in these processes.

Mediation is one of the major ADR mechanisms for the effective administration of justice and for promoting peace and harmonious coexistence at home, at work and in the society at large. Mediation skills are life-skills for building and sustaining relationships. There is therefore compelling need for administrators, leaders, directors, public relations officers, lawyers and other judicial officers and indeed EVERYBODY to acquire Mediation skills – good communication, negotiation and interpersonal skills for lubricating relational motion, for managing differences and for enhanced team work and increased productivity. 

This training brochure comprise courses that will provide participants with deep knowledge and understanding of human nature, requisite skills for managing own conflicts and assisting disputing parties in an assured, confident and professional manner. Each course is a rich blend of legal and therapeutic disciplines – creating an inspiring learning experience. The International courses especially provide a global perspective on conflict management, ADR and a good net-working platform for global affirmative action and relevance.

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