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Patrick is a former naval officer, and Military Spokesperson of the then largest United Nations Peacekeeping Mission in Sierra Leone. He also served as a Civilian UN official in Ethiopia, Eritrea, Liberia, Nepal and the UN Headquarters, USA.

He is Mediation Training Institute Consultant and Director on National and Foreign Partners. He is a member of the Bar in Nigeria. He holds the following academic degrees MBA, LLB, BL, and LLM UK and a current PhD student at Robert Gordon University Aberdeen Scotland.


• More than 16 years high-level managerial and administrative United Nations experience in Sierra Leone, Liberia, Ethiopia, Eritrea, USA and Nepal.

• Proven abilities in building and consolidating partnerships at the governmental, regulatory, or legislative levels

• Demonstrated ability to mobilize resource from multiple stakeholders.

• Broad experience working and collaborating with top level strategic partners

• Strong analytical skills and close working relationships with top teams of advocates, analysts, policy experts and communications specialists to support targeted priorities;

• Strong advocacy skills including the ability to credibly represent organizations in public forums and media

• Experience managing human and financial resources

• Analytical and problem-solving capabilities which significantly help to resolve serious peace and security related crisis; Strong skills and abilities responding to crisis and providing insightful preventive advice, including early warning and reconciliatory measures;

• Proven research and writing skills with experience targeting international policy makers in world body forums.


Nigerian Bar Association

MTI Certified Mediator.

Associate Member, Institute of Chartered Mediators and Conciliators

Associate Member, Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (CIArb), London

Associate Member, ICABA

Nigerian Institute of International Affairs (NIIA)

Member, Energy Institute, UK

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