Who we are.
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Mediation Training Institute (MTI-Nigeria) is registered in Nigeria for the training and certification of Mediators. It encourages organizations and institutions to adopt Mediation as primary mechanism for addressing inter and intra – institutional disputes. MTI-Nigeria is a Limited liability company, providing individuals and organisations with requisite resources and skills to build and sustain relationships.

To provide first class training, accreditation and certification in Negotiation and Mediation Skills for individuals and organizations in both the private and public sectors in Africa and beyond; to provide resources for building and sustaining relationships through the training and practice of Mediation and other non-adversarial methods of dispute resolution; to establishment credible structures for peace building –  Conflict Resolution Centres and Multi-Door Courthouses, in a proactive response to the emerging Global Village.

To create a New African Order, where peaceful and harmonious coexistence will thrive; where divisive national frontiers, the burden of military spending and man’s stolid inhumanity to man will be things of the past. An African Order where Peace and Justice along with Good-Governance would be promoted as the panacea for Sustainable Development.