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  • Family Mediation
  • Coaching and Mentoring
  • Pre-Marriage Counseling
  • Post Divorce Counseling
  • Peer-Mediation for Youths
  • Post Traumatic Counseling
  • Dealing with Workplace Harassment
  • Negotiation and Mediation of Disputes
  • Direct Intervention in Conflict Situations
  • Managing Real Property and Homes Business Conflicts: The ADR Approach 5 days, #150,000
  • Communication And Media Management For Communal Peace Building 4 days #85000
  • Managing Bankers’ Customers’ Relationships: The Non-adversaria ADR Approach 5days #180,000


  • Mediation Services for the Indigent
  • Counseling for Battered Women
  • Recovery for Victims of Rape
  • Succor and Encouragement for Victims of Natural Disasters
  • Support for Internally Displaced Persons and Victims of Violent Conflicts/Wars


  • Establishment of Mediation and Conflict Resolution Centres
  • Establishment of Multi-Door Courthouses
  • Establishment of Family Mediation Centres
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